Spanish Trap(a)


Spanish food producers and traders are the last to join the commercial war against palm oil in the hope of revamping their stagnating market.  Trapa follows the exact steps of its European counterparts, proving its a consolidated strategy. But risks are higher than advantages and results will be poor as Italy shows.  Trapa’s ‘free from palm […]

Lidl’s Incoherence


Lidl own branded products sold in SWITZERLAND contain sustainable palm oil. Lidl acknowledges that palm oil is a high-quality ingredient whose supply chain is subject to stringent safety checks, attesting its sustainability. By doing so, Lidl contributes to: promoting environmental sustainability and biodiversity; fostering economic growth and job creation in developing areas of the world; protecting […]

Iceland: European Hypocrisy.
UK supermarkets wipe their conscience clean at the expense of consumers.

UK supermarket chain Iceland has decided to contribute to the destruction of the planet by increasing deforestation. Removing palm oil from its own range of products will cause greater deforestation and increase pollution and poverty. What often lie behind these corporate choices are business interests and the inability of managers to cope with complex issues. […]