El aceite de palma es víctima de los bulos durante la pandemia del Covid-19

En las últimas semanas, mientras estamos sumidos en la mayor pandemia de los últimos cien años, son muchos los analistas y “expertos” que se apuntan a la infodemia de las “fake news” y los bulos en torno al COVID-19 para señalar al aceite de palma como uno de los causantes de la proliferación del virus. […]

#AlimentActivos, campaña de FIAB en favor de la vida saludable

#AlimentActivos, inteligente campaña de FIAB en favor de la vida saludable

La Federación Española de Industrias de Alimentación y Bebidas (FIAB) ha presentado una interesante campaña llamada #AlimentActivos en la que se recuerda al consumidor la importancia de mantener estilos de vida saludables. Todo con el objetivo de promocionar una dieta variada y equilibrada y la práctica regular de actividad física como factores que inciden en […]

aTRAPAdo: La Publicidad en Contra del Aceite de Palma es Engañosa


La empresa de chocolates Trapa estaba equivocada. Lo mismo ocurre con todas las empresas alimentarias que utilizan etiquetas para discriminar el aceite de palma con fines comerciales. Hace semanas que hemos advertido sobre esto a los consumidores españoles. Hoy nos complace comunicar que la Asociación para la Autorregulación de la Comunicación Comercial (Autocontrol) comparte nuestra opinión. […]

EU wants to pull out all of the medicines from the market


Somehow, Europe’s technocrats always manage to dissatisfy everyone. Starting from May 2020, producers of drugs and medical devices – ranging from generic items to more sophisticated ones – will see the current registration and certification regime tighten up with a closer supervision by national governments. The purpose of this Regulation is to supposedly protect European […]

EU: Less CO2 Emissions by 2030


The European Parliament reached an agreement over CO2 emission regulations for cars and vans. CO2 emissions of new cars and vans should be reduced respectively by 37.5% and 31% by 2030.  Although Germany tried to exert some pressure to protect its crucial automotive sector – arguing for a single limit set at 30% – the […]

Less Soy for a Better Europe


Few days ago, EU agriculture ministers met to discuss about the possibility to reduce imports of unsustainable soy from extra-EU countries. Finally. The European Union is more than ever dependent on imported plant proteins in order to meet European consumers’ consumption level of meat, dairy and eggs. Meat consumption, since 1960s has increased by 60%, […]

Greenpeace Got It Right: Less Sustainable Palm Oil, Less Orangutans

palm oil

Finally, Greenpeace got it right: palm oil is the most sustainable supply chain. Demonizing it would be socially and environmentally counterproductive: NO PALM OIL = NO SDGs. Finally, Greenpeace understood that there is a war against palm oil, a war in which they have a role too. Finally, Greenpeace might decide to switch to the right side. Finally, […]



With Christmas just around the corner, Greenpeace continues to deceive citizens with its fundraising campaign. After the recent sideshows in front of supermarkets, our heroes decided to chain themselves in front of Mondelez’s factories in northern Italy and protest again Wilmar using the catchphrase: “No to Palm Oil! that Kills Forests” We must be honest. […]

Greenpeace or GreenWar?

Iceland Foods

Greenpeace officially supports sustainable palm oil. They understood, just like WWF, that boycotting palm oil is dangerous. Matter of fact, replacing palm plantations with another crop would only lead to a greater impact on the environment – including orangutans – and more deforestation. This would not improve sustainability’s levels in any way, shape or form. As […]

Food Populism: Boycott Iceland Foods

Iceland Foods

Children First. This is why we promote the use of sustainable palm oil. New Iceland Foods’ #NoPalmoilChristmas campaign is cynically commercial. Announcing loudly the replacement of palm oil with (less sustainable) vegetable oils is an easy shortcut and populist way to capture new consumers and build customers’ loyalty when the quality of the products on […]