No al Impuesto Sobre el Azúcar: Primer Set a Favor de los Consumidores


El Plan de Colaboración para la Mejora de la Composición de los Alimentos y Bebidas afectará a unos 4.000 productos que provienen de 398 empresas distintas de aquí al año 2020. El Ministerio de Sanidad, Consumo y Bienestar Social está promoviendo este plan junto con la industria alimentaria, que está realizando un gran esfuerzo desde […]

Defendamos la Calidad

Nos agradaría que España promoviera la calidad de los alimentos y dejara de seguir a los lobbies. Tras la publicación del Reglamento UE 2018/290, la Comisión Europea ha presentado una propuesta sobre los contenidos máximos de 3-MCPD para aceites y grasas vegetales. Durante las últimas reuniones entre la Comisión y los representantes de los 28 […]

aTRAPAdo: La Publicidad en Contra del Aceite de Palma es Engañosa


La empresa de chocolates Trapa estaba equivocada. Lo mismo ocurre con todas las empresas alimentarias que utilizan etiquetas para discriminar el aceite de palma con fines comerciales. Hace semanas que hemos advertido sobre esto a los consumidores españoles. Hoy nos complace comunicar que la Asociación para la Autorregulación de la Comunicación Comercial (Autocontrol) comparte nuestra opinión. […]

Science Debunks Environmentalist Fake-News

palm oil

One of the main reasons behind palm oil’s boycott has always been its relationship with deforestation. Science, number, and facts actually prove that supporting sustainable palm oil is the only solution to prevent further deforestation. Check out our charts. 1.Did you know that palm oil is the crop with the highest yield per hectare? Yes. […]

Science Vs Lobbying


  The debate on sustainability is intoxicated by American and European lobbies that spread fake news in order to discriminate more efficient crops – like palm trees. Science proves these lobbies wrong. See our charts. 1. Why does the EU want to phase-out palm oil biofuel? They claim that palm oil biofuel is the devil and the main cause […]

Spanish Trap(a)


Spanish food producers and traders are the last to join the commercial war against palm oil in the hope of revamping their stagnating market.  Trapa follows the exact steps of its European counterparts, proving its a consolidated strategy. But risks are higher than advantages and results will be poor as Italy shows.  Trapa’s ‘free from palm […]

Lidl’s Incoherence


Lidl own branded products sold in SWITZERLAND contain sustainable palm oil. Lidl acknowledges that palm oil is a high-quality ingredient whose supply chain is subject to stringent safety checks, attesting its sustainability. By doing so, Lidl contributes to: promoting environmental sustainability and biodiversity; fostering economic growth and job creation in developing areas of the world; protecting […]

Less Soy for a Better Europe


Few days ago, EU agriculture ministers met to discuss about the possibility to reduce imports of unsustainable soy from extra-EU countries. Finally. The European Union is more than ever dependent on imported plant proteins in order to meet European consumers’ consumption level of meat, dairy and eggs. Meat consumption, since 1960s has increased by 60%, […]

Greenpeace Got It Right: Less Sustainable Palm Oil, Less Orangutans

palm oil

Finally, Greenpeace got it right: palm oil is the most sustainable supply chain. Demonizing it would be socially and environmentally counterproductive: NO PALM OIL = NO SDGs. Finally, Greenpeace understood that there is a war against palm oil, a war in which they have a role too. Finally, Greenpeace might decide to switch to the right side. Finally, […]



With Christmas just around the corner, Greenpeace continues to deceive citizens with its fundraising campaign. After the recent sideshows in front of supermarkets, our heroes decided to chain themselves in front of Mondelez’s factories in northern Italy and protest again Wilmar using the catchphrase: “No to Palm Oil! that Kills Forests” We must be honest. […]